1) Power up camera

2) connect to the WiFi SSID that has the camera serial number within it. E.g. St-002B01AE81

3) Go to on your web browser… This will open the MDVR platform

4) When you login to the cameras it will ask for a Username & Password: Please use : Admin / Admin

5) Once logged in, navigate to the Config (tab up top)

6) Once you have selected the config tab, select Network on the left menu

7) In the Network Tab choose the Wi-Fi tab.

8) On the Enable Drop down, choose AP. This will help keep the Wi-Fi open on the devices while setting up. Click Save. 

9) Now click the maintenance tab

10) Choose "Config," form the left Menu. 

11)  On the "Import Parameters box," Click "Browse," and locate the config file you wish to apply from your computer.  Once you find the applicable file, click import. 

12) you should see the camera successfully load the config and the process is complete