AX11 installation and deployment best practices 

Firmware – ensure that the most up to date firmware Is in place

Upgrading the firmware over the air

  1. Apply the configuration of … AX11_Provisional.txt via ADM. This config will disable the vehicle bus and the power manager to keep the unit awake.
  2. Issue the command AT$ADMS to force the device to get the above stated …AX11_Provisional.txt
  3. Once the above config is complete, assign the latest firmware to the device in ADM and then issue AT$ADMS to force the device to check in to ADM and get the new firmware.
  4. Once the firmware is completed, apply the appropriate configuration once again in ADM.   
    1. AX11_J1939 for 9 pin / Heavy Duty Vehicles
    2. AX11_OBDII for OBDII / Light duty Vehicles
    3. AX11_PowerOnly for vehicles hardwired or to use the AX11 with Vehicle Bus turned off
  5. Issue again AT$ADMS to force the unit to get the above config.
  6. If the vehicle exhibits issues, then issue AT$OBDS=99 to disable the vehicle bus and report to Please provide the Year Make and model of the vehicle along with the IMEI of the Device. If the case is urgent, you may call 833-878-3477 ext. 2.